Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I’m feeling a bit tired and run down this morning and I know the reason why. I have been putting off making a phone call that I fear might cause me some stress and so I just haven’t called. Funny, no phone call has been made but I’m still feeling stress; I guess that decision didn't work out to well for me.

Actually I was “waiting” to get to a better feeling place before I made the call but then didn't end up doing anything to get me feeling better about the situation which just caused the stress and fear to continue. Oh, how I love the Law of Attraction, no vibration goes unmatched. You can’t fool the Universe.

It’s time for me to “take out the garbage” that’s causing me to feel fear and stress about making this call. By taking out the garbage I mean putting down on paper everything that I’m afraid might happen. Just the act of putting it on paper feels so good to me because it gets those fearful thoughts out of my mind and out on the paper and from there it becomes easy for me to pivot to better feeling thoughts. When I think good feeling thoughts that bring me a feeling of relief the Universe matches that with more things to feel good about.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

UPDATE: I got myself to a good feeling place emotionally and then made the call. Initially things were going well until I felt the need to justify my decision. I realized that I didn't get clear about my intention for making the call in the first place and that made it easy for me to be pulled off track. I started to feel some negative emotion so I knew that whatever I was thinking/doing was taking me in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. I ended the call very politely and said I would call the person back. I knew I needed to take a few minutes and get clear about what I was doing. What was happening in the phone conversation was a perfect match for how I was thinking. I had not really aligned with my decision and the person was just demonstrating that for me. Once I made my decision and lined up with it I called the person back. I stated exactly what I wanted with no hesitation and got it. All is well!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Romancing the Ordinary-A Year of Simple Splendor by Sarah Ban Breathnach

I just finished reading "Romancing the Ordinary-A Year of Simple Splendor" by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I loved this book. This is definitely one I want for my personal library. It's all about falling in love with yourself and your life, how great is that!

The book is divided into sections for each month of the year and has some of the best suggestions I've found for nurturing yourself and finding passion in your life. I love books that get me all jazzed up and excited about living my life and this book definitely did that.

There are so many wonderful ideas and suggestions in this book and they are all self-empowering. This book will get you deliberately savoring "the sensual experiences of daily life" whether that be through cooking, decorating, gardening, rituals, fashion, etc. A couple of my favorites are:

Becoming Your Own Courtesan - page 78.
"There's much to be said for the revival of courtesan grooming for women of all ages. Not to woo the world, but to seduce yourself."

"What have you always wanted to do or understand? Make a list. What social situations do you avoid because you feel awkward. Make up your mind that you're going to dismantle your fear with information."

"Do you have any idea how thrilling it is to actually enjoy your own company? It's like having a numbered account in Switzerland. Something you can always bank on. Begin to think of this year as your cosmic charm course. Become your own courtesan and watch the world begin to court you."

Being Home - page 195
"Inside your home, you keep mementos of your past that help or hinder your movement into the future. Which are you doing?"

"Come home to a house that shelters your body and soul."

"The size of your house is not related to the size of your soul, but the condition of your dwelling does present a picture of the condition of your being - body, mind and spirit."

I found myself making notes about the different books she mentions, recipes to try and fun ways to do your housework. I encourage all of you to check out this delightful book and begin to discover ways to live your life more passionately than ever before.