Sunday, January 20, 2008

100 Things I'd Like To Have People Say About Me

A few months back, a friend told me of a really empowering process called 100 Things You Would Like People to Say About You.

I thought this was such a beautiful process and a wonderful idea because it really gets you focused on the person you want to be and it puts you in the feeling place of being that person. I encourage you to take some time and do this process because I think it can bring great clarity and power to the ideal vision we have for ourselves.

My friend did not mention the blog name where he found this process so unfortunately I am not able to reference the blog name at this time but if you know which one it is please e-mail me or list it in the comments section.

Here are some of the things I'd like to have people say about me:

  1. She's the real deal, one of the most authentic people I know
  2. A deliberate creator
  3. I always feel better when I am around her
  4. She has the coolest job
  5. She shows me what is possible in life
  6. Is my best friend
  7. I trust her
  8. She lives every day of her life
  9. Is a wonderful daughter, sister, aunt and friend
  10. Is a multi-millionaire
  11. She loves her dogs and takes wonderful care of them
  12. Is such a warm, kind, generous and genuine person
  13. Is fluent in French and Italian
  14. Lives a beautiful life
  15. Is a world traveler and has the most interesting and inspiring stories from her travels
  16. She really cares about others
  17. Is the best assistant I ever had
  18. I'm a better person for knowing her
  19. Everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like her
  20. She makes me feel important and special
  21. Is very intuitive and always follows her inner guidance
  22. Has a beautiful home
  23. Takes care of herself first and as a result always has so much more to give to those around her
  24. She radiates empowerment and inspired action
  25. It's truly wonderful to watch her interact with others; she always sees the best in people
  26. Demonstrates how to live a rich, rewarding, exciting, empowering life by her own example
  27. Walks her talk
  28. Appreciates her life
  29. She lives the life that she wants to live
  30. She raises the level of any conversation she is involved in
  31. She makes time for me
If you feel so inclined I hope you will list some of the things you would like to have people say about you. The mere act of writing out a few of the things really feels good. Now is the perfect time to start being the person you've always wanted to be.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Segment Intending

My day is so much better when I take time to segment intend. Segment intending helps me stay on track with what I desire for my life. I like the feeling of being deliberate about what happens instead of creating by default and then reacting to the outcome.

For the past week or so I have not been segment intending and boy does it show. It all started from not doing it one day when I was feeling tired and it just snowballed from there.

Tonight, I went to my nephew's spaghetti dinner and Bingo night at his school. They were doing this as a fundraiser for their class trip to NASA. I arrived in a frustrated mood. I was 15 minutes late and the line was long. My brother came over and stood with me in line and I noticed that right away I started complaining but then I started noticing the excitement of the kids around me and I thought, I'd like to feel like they do. I saw my nephew. He was so excited, especially about the Bingo game and that sealed the deal for me!

Seeing my nephew and his fellow classmates along with their families made me realize that I could either keep complaining or I could choose to start a new segment-one that was fun and that focused on having an enjoyable evening with my family.

All it takes is a new thought to turn things around!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Visual Representation

Something interesting just happened to me as I was waiting in the speedy checkout line at Walmart.

The speedy line wasn't very speedy and I was getting very irritated at how long it was taking. In my mind I was really complaining about the situation and about how slow the cashier was being when all of a sudden something happened that turned my attention to the front of the line.

The lady that was being checked out was yelling at the cashier for being so slow and was really making a scene. When she was finished yelling at the cashier she turned her attention to the manager. I watched the lady make a scene and I also watched the cashier. You could tell the cashier was embarrassed and uncomfortable, which by the way, did not help her move the line any quicker; in fact she was visibly shaken and ended up pushing some wrong buttons when checking out the next person which delayed the line even more.

I'm embarrassed to say that the lady making all the fuss was saying all the things I was thinking and was acting out how I was feeling and it wasn't pretty and it definitely wasn't in alignment with the person I want to be. That visual representation provided an opportunity for me to see my thoughts acted out on the external level and made me realize that was not the kind of person I wanted to be. It reminded me that we have the power to shape the situations in our life instead of just reacting to them. I had the choice to either add to the cashiers embarrassment and discomfort or be kind and offer uplifting words and encouragement. I decided on kindness because that's how I would want to be treated and it's in alignment with the person I want to be.

How are you choosing to shape the situations in your life? Do you uplift or tear down? Are you being the person you want to be?